Airbrush Bridal Makeup For Your Wedding Day

Everyone wants to look beautiful on their wedding day. With all those guests, professional photographers and your husband-to-be with their eyes on you you’ll want to look your best and airbrush makeup is the best choice for a number of reasons.

Firstly, finding a good makeup artist is extremely important. If you need help finding an airbrush makeup artist, head on over to our airbrush makeup artist directory for an extensive list of professionals in your area. You want someone with experience and talent as well as someone who is reliable, professional and can make you and the bridal party feel comfortable on your special day. Remember, it is about you and what you are happy with: so don’t be afraid to discuss with your makeup artist what you like and don’t like. A professional will NEVER be upset with your opinion as they are there as a service to you.

Why Use Airbrush Makeup For Your Wedding:

Airbrush makeup is the choice of makeup for film, television, theater, photo-shoots… the list goes on. Airbrushing is the key to a flawless, high-definition look and this is especially so when you are dealing with high-resolution digital photography and HD TV. Makeup that is flawed will show up 10 x worse in high definition which exaggerates any flaws and will also detail poorly applied makeup. If you are unfamiliar with the look of airbrushed makeup, just turn on your television to any news broadcast and observe the flawless, glowing skin of the presenters (both male and female). How great does it look?! And, airbrushed makeup can be applied either full-coverage or sheer so you can choose a more natural look where your own beautiful tones are heightened or you can go for something really way out and exotic with bold colors and dewy skin.

From a very practical point of view, most airbrush makeup will last for over 24 hours without smearing or running. Silicone and alcohol-based makeup has better lasting properties and create terrific coverage but can cause allergies for some people. So make sure that you and your bridal party have tested silicone or alcohol based makeup before the big day. Otherwise go for makeup which is water-based. You will certainly not regret having your makeup airbrushed for your wedding: you will appreciate its long lasting properties after a full day of running around and especially when the tears start… oh, and of course when you get on the dance floor and sweat up a storm! Airbrush makeup will just not smudge at all–and will not even require powdering as a touch up.

A good airbrush makeup artist will be able to cover any flaws in your skin. Acne, vitiligo, hyperpigmentation, brandy wine marks, scars, stretch marks, tattoos, freckles, moles… anything is concealable with airbrush makeup. When looking for a bridal makeup artist, ensure s/he is trained in these techniques.

I highly recommend you do a makeup rehearsal before the big day. Don’t leave anything to chance. The rehearsal is your time to make sure you are happy with the look that your makeup artist has designed for you and that no one in the bridal party is allergic to anything in the makeup. Remember, there are many airbrush makeup brands which produce hypoallergenic makeup which are truly wonderful. Don’t be shy to tell your makeup artist what you want and especially if you are not happy with the result. They rely on your feedback to get the right look for you–but experienced makeup artists will produce fantastic results for you first go. If the makeup does not look good, if it is too thick or caked-on, then it is NOT good. Trust your eye and the opinion of your friends. Airbrush makeup should enhance your natural beauty and should never look fake.

When choosing the makeup colors for your wedding day, trust the knowledge of your makeup artist who should have had the technical training in the science of color application. Don’t be afraid to try something radical or a little outside of what you would normally wear–as long as you are comfortable. You definitely do not want to spend your special day being self-conscious about your look. Rather, you want something that makes you feel radiant and beautiful. All eyes should be on your because you look stunning! If you don’t feel that your makeup artist has created the right look for you, let them know or, perhaps, it is best to try someone else.

I’m sure you have been looking at many, many bridal magazines and websites for information. Now is the time to observe the photos carefully so you know what to look for in wedding makeup. The skin tones should be natural, flawless with full coverage with a hint of blush to create a ‘flushed’ look. We use bronzer or darker tones very subtly to add a glow to the bride’s forehead, cheeks and chin and highlights should enhance these features. A great makeup artist will compliment the color of your lips and eyes to your bridal gown just as a great hairdresser will create a hairstyle that matches jewelry or dress patterns. Eye shadow only has to be a few shades darker to produce a stunning result as do lips – unless you are making a bold statement in line with the style of your personality.

Remember, trust your own judgement and be comfortable with the look and makeup you will be wearing. Airbrush makeup is designed to be professional, practical and beautiful: exactly what you need on one of the most important day of your life.

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  • If someone was considering doing DIY airbrushing for a wedding and was a novice, what would you recommend in terms of systems? I am still a good 6 months off so I would have time to practice and abort if it was disasterous. I was considering Belloccio but noticed that your review said it was not powerful enough for bridal. I was also considering Dinair but worried about smearing and smudging because it is water based. If I remain insane enough to give this a whirl, what do you recommend?

    • Hello Rebecca – that’s a great question and it really also depends on your budget. Iwata is the best and most pro’s tend to use it for big events. Combined with MAC airbrush makeup it’s definitely my favorite. I haven’t reviewed Graftobian yet but they also have some powerful compressors and fantastic makeup. Also have a look at the Temptu Pro system which is more expensive than their AirPod but it will produce fantastic results for you and won’t clog or fail on the big day. Having said that, you could look into Belloccio or Dinair as an option for the wedding. There are MUA’s who use Dinair for professional use and they get great results – just practice first and use a fixer over the top for extra protection. They have a few packages which might give you some ideas:
      . Some of these come with Skype lessons which may really help you out. Also watch lots of video tutorials online – and of course I’m always happy to help!