Airbrush Makeup FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions Answered!

Thinking about buying an airbrush makeup kit and don’t know where to start? Perhaps you have just bought your new airbrush makeup system and have a few questions before you begin. Or, maybe you have airbrushing makeup for a while now and want to know more!

Either way, this is the place for you to find quick answers to common questions to do with airbrush makeup. Use it as a starting place or a quick guide and don’t forget to check out our airbrush makeup tips, reviews, how to guides and videos sections.

Airbrush Makeup F.A.Q.

  • Question: What is airbrush makeup?
    Answer: Airbrush makeup is the application of makeup via a compressor and airbrush gun (known as an airbrush makeup system) which is sprayed onto the skin as a fine mist which can be layered with several passes. The makeup used in airbrush makeup kits is more watery than traditional makeup and you can get full coverage with less makeup than would normally be used when using a makeup brush or sponge.
  • Question: Is airbrush makeup better than traditional makeup?
    Answer: Most fans of airbrush makeup will answer a resounding ‘yes!’ to this question. And I generally tend to agree–however, I’m also aware that sometimes traditional makeup has better uses or can work really well in combination with airbrush makeup. The reasons why airbrush makeup is generally considered better than traditional makeup is that it produces better coverage, is easier to apply, lasts for a long time without smudging and sits very lightly on the skin without irritating it (since you never have to physically touch your skin to apply airbrush makeup).
  • Question: Is airbrush makeup expensive?
    Answer: It depends on the brand and the quality of the makeup and the airbrush makeup system you choose. It also depends on your own personal needs. However, you could say that generally airbrush makeup is about the same, to slightly more expensive than average traditional makeup use (thought it’s getting cheaper!). As you know, in the world of makeup you often get what you pay for but not always… Airbrush makeup kits and the airbrush makeup itself can differ greatly in quality amongst different brands. Be sure to check out our reviews section for help with this and test a few brands before you buy so you can find which makeup you prefer. Your initial expense when buying an airbrush makeup system can be as low as $149 and upwards of $1000. The makeup can be expensive too but you don’t need to use too much and hopefully won’t go through a lot each month. Most airbrush makeup brands are very high quality and non-comedogenic and are good value for money.
  • Question: Which is the best brand of airbrush makeup system?
    Answer: There are several good quality brands selling airbrush makeup out there for the consumer. TEMPTU and Dinair are some of the more popular brands but you will also find several other choices well worth looking into. Please feel free to visit our airbrush makeup kit reviews for help.
  • Question: Is it difficult to keep an airbrush makeup gun clean?
    Answer: Not at all. Most airbrush makeup kits come with the cleaning fluid you need and it is usually simply a matter of running some of this cleaner through the airbrush gun as well as ‘back bubbling’ with some water. You may also need to wipe certain parts of the airbrush gun down with a lint free cloth. The best thing for your airgun is to soak it in a container of distilled water (some airbrush makeup kits come with this or you can make your own). For more detailed help with this please refer to our section on care and cleaning.
  • Question: What can I do with my airbrush makeup system?
    Answer: Lots of things! Not only does airbrush makeup create perfectly glowing, full coverage foundation, you can also do beautiful blush, contouring and highlights, eye-shadow, as well as make temporary tattoos or artistic makeup stencils. Many people also like using airbrush makeup as a paramedical cover-up for acne, birthmarks, psoriasis, permanent tattoos etc. It is also the professionals’ choice for special FX makeup work (think zombies!) and all my friends use it for Halloween costumes. You can find out how to use airbrush makeup for all these applications and more here. You can see examples of people’s airbrushing work in our videos section.
  • Question: Which is a better choice for airbrush gun – single action or dual action?
    Answer: Definitely dual action! Dual action airguns have two settings for the trigger: ‘air only’ and ‘makeup’. You can use the air only setting to test if you are aiming in the right location, feel that you are the appropriate distance away (after some practice) and also to dry the makeup after application. Dual action airbrush guns allow you to do finer work whereas a single action is usually good for tanning or body work only.
  • Question: How to I choose the right makeup tones for my skin?
    Answer: Most airbrush makeup companies who sell online will have a chart to help you work out what skin tone range you fall under. Most people are either ‘cool’, ‘neutral’ or ‘warm’ and airbrush makeup kits will supply you with 4 different tones in this range. If you are really unsure, just go into a makeup salon or Sephora and they’ll be more than happy to help you out. More information can be found in our how to guide on the subject.
  • Question: How do I learn to use airbrush makeup?
    Answer: Practice, practice, practice! There are airbrush makeup courses you can take, some of which are better than others. However, most airbrush makeup kits come with an instructional DVD which is enough for most people–especially if you already have experience with putting on makeup. I’ve always learned a lot from looking at magazines, films and also online videos. Watching others and then trying to replicate it is the best tutorial you can ever get and it’s also great fun. Don’t be afraid to experiment with airbrush makeup. Have fun with it and if you ever get stuck, go to our ‘how to‘ and ‘tips‘ sections in the website or post a comment. We’re always happy to help.
  • Question: Help! I bent the needle in the airbrush gun – what do I do?
    Answer: Get a new one! The airbrush won’t work if the needle is damaged in any way. There is no point trying. Some people keep a spare needle just in case this happens. Most of the time the needle is damaged when cleaning the airbrush gun or assembling/disassembling it so be careful!
  • Question: Is airbrush makeup bad for my skin?
    Answer: Many manufacturers of airbrush makeup stand behind their ingredients as being non-comedogenic and dermatologically tested as safe. Airbrush makeup can be either water, silicone or alcohol based and many contain vitamins and natural ingredients. The water based makeup is my preference because it feels lighter on the skin and is much less likely to cause a reaction. However, silicone based makeup has more of an HD effect and is preferred by those not allergic to it. Temporary tattoos are generally alcohol based. The best advice is to always check with your specialist if you are prone to allergies and do a spot test to ensure you do not get a reaction; but, as a general rule, airbrush makeup is not bad for the skin.
  • Question: How do I mix makeup?
    Answer: Simple! Put a few drops of one tone in the cup, followed by another tone. You can find the formulas in your instructional DVD or online as well as by experimenting and playing with different tones.
  • Question: The makeup keeps bubbling out of my cup – what’s wrong?
    Answer: Most likely you are either using too much makeup or the airbrush gun isn’t clean. Remember, most of the time you only need 3-5 drops at most. Visit our guide to cleaning the airbrush gun if you are unsure how to do this.
  • Question: My airbrush gun is clean but I’m not getting proper coverage – what’s wrong?
    Answer: Most likely the problem is with the makeup. Remember, shake the makeup well before you put it in the cup!
  • Question: How do I use the airbrush gun?
    Answer: The key to using the airbrush gun is to learn how to hold it correctly, know how far away from your skin it should be and to use continuous, circular motion. That is just the beginning… for more specific help from contouring and highlighting to covering a temporary tattoo, visit our how to guide.
  • Question: Can you use traditional makeup in an airbrush makeup system?
    Answer: No. Airbrush makeup is much more liquid than traditional makeup. Traditional makeup will clog your airbrush makeup system. Some people water down body paint and use this but is it of a lower quality than most good brands of airbrush makeup.

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