Airbrush Makeup For Halloween: How To Make Yourself Ugly & Scary With Airbrush Makeup

If you’re stuck for ideas this Halloween have a look at airbrush makeup. It’s safe to say that all special FX artists use airbrush makeup to create all sorts of looks and it’s especially popular in the Horror genre. You can turn yourself into a skeleton, erode your flesh, become a demon, an alien, a character from Avatar, perhaps an evil smurf, villain or zombie!

That’s right: we don’t just use airbrush makeup to look beautiful. Sometimes we use it to look downright ugly!

I love using airbrush makeup for Halloween because it’s so much more comfortable than a mask since it is so light on the skin. It will also stay on all night without smearing so you’ll look as good scary at the end of the night as you did at the beginning.

Avoid face paints especially if you have sensitive skin. Not all face and body paints are non-toxic and only airbrush makeups from reputable brands are safe on your skin. Look for those that are non-comedogenic (usually the water-based ones like Dinair)

You don’t have to go all out and buy latex for prosthetics and expensive costumes. Airbrush makeup artists often talk about ‘less is more‘ when creating that beauty look. It can be the same for costume makeup for Halloween. A few cuts, slices or gashes here and there can be enough to freak people out on Halloween especially when they didn’t at first realize you were wearing makeup.

Then again, you may just want to blow everyone away with some insanely overdone makeup. This might take a few hours but will be worth it for the reaction. This is when you want to get together with a few friends and help each other out. It’s way to hard to do on your own.

Look everywhere for inspiration. Books, movies, YouTube, magazines, comics.

And, when it finally comes down to creating that look, you’re going to need to think outside the box. The fundamentals of layering and tone are still the same. But you’re now working with totally different colors and combinations than you’ve been used to.

Airbrush Makeup Stencils will make your job a lot easier. They are also great for kids parties. You don’t have to commit to the stencil layout but you can use them as a template upon which to layer the exact look you want. But you don’t always have to buy stencils specifically created for airbrush makeup – use anything that has a pattern on it and spray your airgun through it onto the skin. Materials like lace work really well for this because they contour to the skin. The pattern will then be transferred directly onto the skin!

If you are airbrushing freehand then make sure you have a very strong idea of the look you want. Definitely practice before the event just so you are certain you can create the effect.

If you are looking for help, tips or inspiration head on over to the airbrush makeup video section for some great special effects videos perfect for Halloween. I’ve picked the best ones out there for you which will be sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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