Airbrush Makeup Products We Love: Kett Jett Hydro Blush & Foundation

The best thing about Kett cosmetics is the quality of their makeup. The blushes & foundation are so good that you don’t even need to use them with an airbrush makeup system (so those of you who are on the fence can order some to try out first before taking the plunge into airbrushing!). I love the colors of the Hydro Blush Collection (6 shades) which look stunning in the flesh–they have truly unique tones that will become your favorite the moment you try them on. These aren’t the run of the mill primary colors that look like you should be using it to paint your walls… these blushes belong on your face baby!

As with most Kett Cosmetics the hydro blushes and foundation are water-proof and smear proof (though, you might find that you can smudge the makeup in the first 30 minutes or so of application).

The Kett makeup is a little thicker than that of Dinair (which I also love) and will not dry as fast. You can feel the slight difference in stickiness between the two as Dinair is more watery though Kett Hydro is also water-based. The Hydro foundation is available in single 7ml sample sizes for $10 (though this won’t last you long).

Remember, since the Kett makeup is thicker than Dinair this might clog your airbrush if you aren’t using a quality brand like The Kett Jett or Iwata which are specifically designed for a variety of fluids (not just water-based makeup)

Hydro Blush Collection (6 shades)

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