Airbrush Makeup Products We Love: Dermalogica MediBac Clearing Mattifier

OMG! I may have just found my new favorite product!! A lot of people ask me what to do about oily skin when they are using airbrush makeup and I usually have a list of products that work well for some and not so well for others. But MediBac Clearing Mattifier by Dermalogica might just be the silver bullet to oily skin!

It’s very light on the skin and I’ve found that it works really well with the silicone based makeups (like Temptu) or just simply on its own. Totally removes the shine and oiliness for the entire day and will help prevent new pimples.

Remember though, if you have really sensitive skin remember to keep clear of silicone-based makeups. MediBac Clearning Mattifier does contain Cyclopentasiloxane which is a silicone so always spot test first if you are prone to irritation. However, a friend of mine has extremely shiny skin and she generally hates anything on her face because so many products have made her break out in acne. After some convincing she tried MediBac and it worked awesomely. It visibly reduces oiliness straight away and prevents shine appearing throughout the day. Best of all though, after a few weeks she has a very obvious reduction in pimples. Now I just have to convince her to let me airbrush some foundation and blush for her… 🙂

Oh – and why do I use this with airbrush makeup? When I’m having an oily day (Summer tends to be worst) then it helps give my skin a matte base on which I can apply airbrush makeup.

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