Airbrush Makeup Products We Love: Make Up For Ever HD Micro Finish Powder

Yes it’s true–sometimes I do powder after airbrushing my makeup! I think all the manufacturers will tell you that it’s not necessary and, in fact, you don’t really ever need to powder after airbrushing. It just depends on the look you want.

And there’s no sense in using a poor quality powder that will just counter the flawless results you have created with airbrushed makeup. That’s why I love the HD Microfinish Powder from MAKE UP FOR EVER . It’s the perfect compliment to airbrush makeup and will produce a lovely, smooth, matte finish.

A lot of makeup artists will use this in combination with Temptu’s silicone-based makeup which has a more ‘dewy’ appearance and the HD Micro Finish Powder will soften this.

The Micro Finish Powder is white but blends in to become neutral with your foundation. Remember, if you are using this with airbrush makeup you barely need any to get a good result. The active particles are very finely ground and you will find that with just a small amount you can soften oily skin or shiny makeup (as well as wrinkles and lines!). Make Up Forever’s HD Micro Finish Powder works extremely well with silicone-based makeup and you’ll see this straight away in photos. I’m sure you’ll already look fantastic after your normal airbrushing routine but wait until you see the difference in the way that light is reflected and refracted after a little powdering!

There’s a reason why it’s called “HD” Micro Finish Powder and a high definition look is exactly the result you’ll achieve especially if you use this in combination with great makeup.

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  • Hi! I’d like to know. What powder can you recommend that will work best after applying water-based foundation. I have oily skin. As much as possible, I’d like to have something that is really resistant to shine especially I have plans to use it for a big occasion.

    • Hello Maria – thank you for visiting the site! I really like Dermalogica’s Medibac Clearing Mattifier for oily skin. The results are amazing and I know many people who swear by it. It’s not a powder but is really effective in reducing oiliness. If you have sensitive skin you might want to get a tester first though. Otherwise it will be perfect! Let me know how you go!