Airbrush Makeup vs Traditional Makeup

I’ve always said that the best way to see the advantages of airbrush makeup over traditional makeup is to first use it and then look at the results. I was introduced to airbrush makeup when a friend of mine bought the TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System and suddenly had the most radiant, glowing skin I’d ever seen! We were both hooked after that day and here are some of the reasons why:

Airbrush Makeup Pros:

  • Traditional makeup application with a brush can cause streaks whereas airbrush makeup will fill any pores and cover lines evenly on your skin giving flawless coverage that looks more natural
  • With airbrush makeup you can achieve flawless coverage because it sprays a fine mist which sits evenly over the skin as opposed to brushing and rubbing makeup into your skin. With a brush you may create micro-exfoliation which makes dry skin look worse.
  • Airbrush makeup feels light on the skin because it IS light, being just an even, finely sprayed layer of makeup. The makeup from many brands (like Dinair) are water-based as well.
  • Airbrush makeup will stay on the skin all day whereas traditional makeup requires touching up and can smudge, smear, cake and streak.
    You only need one airbrush to apply your makeup whereas traditional application requires several brushes.
  • Airbrush makeup, particularly water-based makeup, is more sanitary because the airbrush does not touch the skin. Brushes can be prone to bacterial build up.
  • Airbrush makeup is easy to remove. Simply use soap and water to remove the water-based makeups from your face. It’s that easy.
  • Once you have learned the airbrushing technique, you can achieve amazing results very fast and get that “HD look” which would take hours with traditional makeup.
  • Creating a natural blend into the neck, jawline and ears is much easier with airbrush makeup because the fine mist creates ‘micro-dots’ which allows your natural skin tone to still be visible, resulting in even coverage with no streaks and lumpy areas.
  • The water-based makeups sold with most airbrush makeup systems do not mix with the natural oils in your skin so stay on longer and do not clump like traditional makeup. They also stand up to the heat much better than traditional makeup.
  • Maybe the most important pro in favor of airbrush makeup is how awesome it looks in photos! Almost all professional photo shoots require the models to wear airbrushed makeup–that’s because it looks stunning and cuts down the post-processing time significantly. Just check out some of the before and after photos posted online or check out our video section to see how good airbrushed skin tones look on screen.

Airbrush Makeup Cons:

  • Cleaning the airbrush gun can be a pain for beginners especially because you have to clean the airgun in between makeup color changes. But with the right tools–like an airbrush makeup cup holder–and with practice, airbrush makeup can be applied much faster than traditional makeup and cleaning is no more a hassle than traditional makeup… it’s just different.
  • Airbrush makeup does take time to learn. However, once you do learn you can get great results very fast. And learning how to use airbrush makeup is really enjoyable and so satisfying.
  • The airbrush makeup cannot be blended in the same way as traditional makeup once it is applied. However, it is not necessary to clean the makeup entirely off your face if you want to do so–once you learn a few techniques, blending airbrush makeup to get the perfect tone is a cinch!

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