How To: Apply Eye Liner with Airbrush Makeup

Airbrushing the eye area can be a challenge for beginners. If you want to apply eye liner freehand with the airbrush you really have to practice to get the technique down. Luckily there are a few companies who provide template guides with their kits such as Temptu and Dinair. These really make the whole process a lot easier and give you much more accuracy. However, many of you will want the freedom of doing this freehand and you’ll definitely get the confidence with time.

Make sure you us an airbrush gun with a smaller needle which is better for fine lines. Set your compressor to a low PSI since you will need finer control.

If you are using a guide, simply position the guide and spray–no problem!
If you are applying the makeup freehand move in very close and spray, using the other eye and the feel of the air-pressure as a guide. As always, be careful not to squint, especially if your makeup is wet.

One note of caution: Don’t use the airbrush to apply makeup to the waterline as the pressure will be too harsh (use a traditional waterproof eye liner for this application)

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