I Need Help With Airbrush Makeup!

Having trouble choosing which airbrush makeup system is for you? Maybe you need help with applying foundation or blush? Or, do you want some help cleaning your airbrush gun? Either way, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Airbrush Makeup Salon we can help you with many things related to airbrushing.

Airbrushing can be quite daunting to those who have never tried it before. I know because I once thought it was the realm of airbrush makeup professionals only. After attending several airbrush makeup courses and practicing heaps on myself and my friends I now see that anyone can pick it up in no time at all. Just experiment. Play with it. Makeup has to be fun. Watch as many videos on airbrushing as you can. By starting with a good knowledge of how to hold your airgun and the right techniques for the application of foundation you will learn the rest in no time.

If you are unsure of the airbrush makeup kit that is right for you then be sure to visit our detailed airbrush makeup kit reviews which are updated regularly and have lots of balanced information, factoring in costs, quality of makeup, strength of the machinery and value for money. I’m here to help so be sure to post comments or questions if you do need help with anything. I can recommend the right kit for you, help you work out any problems you might have with a faulty airgun, point you to some great websites and tutorials, and give you advice on what to do and what not to do. The makeup community is a tight-knit one and I have always received so much support within it so don’t be afraid to ask anyone for help with airbrushing, ever!

Oh, and before you go anywhere, be sure to have a read over our airbrush makeup quick tips and airbrush makeup FAQ. You might find the answer to your questions here before you even have to ask! Or you might even learn something you’d never even though of before.

If any of you have tips or tricks of their own we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to post comments, links, videos or even submit an article. We want to keep this site as a community of airbrush makeup artists who love to share their talent and wealth of knowledge. If you love airbrushing and have something to share, we want to hear from you!

Happy airbrushing!


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  • Hi Michelle…. I just came across your web site while researching airbrush starter kits. I am looking to try and start using airbrush makeup as a friend recommended it to help covering my melasma. I have dark areas on both sides of my face after being pregnant 4yrs ago so I don’t think it is going anywhere! I wanted to get a great starter kit, one that I can mix colors to see what covers my dark spots best. I definitely want one that will last and that will give me the best bang for my buck as well. Could u make a recommendation as to which system would work best for me? I read the reviews and the Dinair sounds good but u had mentioned it wasn’t a very strong PSI….how much does that matter?? I’m considering either that or possibly Luminess but since u know the products best, I would greatly appreciate your input and suggestions!! Thank u and I love that u have this site, makes me feel I have a place to go after I begin my airbrush quest!!

    • Hello Jennifer – thank you so much for your kind comments! How frustrating for your that the melasma didn’t disappear – sometimes it does just fade away doesn’t it?
      I think you’ll really appreciate the Dinair Paramedical. Don’t worry about the low PSI of Dinair – it’s definitely strong enough for facial work and for their paramedical line. Really, if your melasma isnt’ too bad you could just use the normal Dinair foundation – maybe even give this a try. But the Paramedical is designed exactly for this kind of use – the shades should match really well to your skin and the makeup is water-based and light on the skin. Plus, if you want to play with their other range of makeup you’ll have that option too! It’s a simple system and you won’t have any trouble working out how to use it, I’m sure.
      Good luck and please come back to let me know how you go!