Video: How To Airbrush Makeup For a Flawless Finish

This has to be one of my most favorite videos on Airbrush Makeup–how gorgeous is Michael?! Love those eyebrows! Anyway, in this video Michael, aka TheSublimeAgent, talks about the Dinair Airbrush Makeup System and is blown away by ‘how seemless, natural, flawless and full coverage airbrush makeup can be.” We agree!!

Michael makes a really good point that the results you get with makeup depend on your skills and the tools that you use–and he says that after his experience with airbrush makeup he thinks it’s a lot of fun, very quick and the cleaning is actually quicker with airbrush makeup than traditional makeup brushes.

Be sure to watch to the end because the video includes a fantastic demonstration on how to use airbrush makeup for a flawless finish.

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  • I love this guy! I have no idea how some ppl learn to do makeup so well. Maybe he’s professional… I’d buy an airbrush makeup kit if he did my makeup for me!