The Art of Airbrush Makeup: Airbrushing Makeup for Film & Television

Every now and then I come across airbrush makeup work that just blows me away. When I saw this amazing work from the Vancouver Film School’s Makeup Design for Film & Television department I had to post about it.

I love looking at makeup art that expands my understanding of what can be done with airbrushing. The Vancouver Film School is a highly respected institution whose graduates from the Makeup Design course learn all the facets of professional makeup artistry including stage makeup, fashion makeup, film and television makeup, and makeup effects, to script breakdown, on-set protocol and digital character design.

For those wondering ‘why airbrush makeup?’ or for those who question what is possible with airbrush makeup, this work should help answer your questions. For those of us who already love airbrushing makeup, these images are true inspiration!

The airbrushing work that their makeup students have produced is beyond what most of us would dare to approach and it just goes to show how exciting and expressive makeup artistry can be. Of course, you might not put this on before heading off to work or a first date but in their work you can see just how limitless airbrush makeup can be.

Most importantly, the VFS emphasizes airbrushing for the modern era in which the makeup artist must have the tools to soften the hard edges that can be produced with HDTV. These days it is expected of all makeup professionals to possess the knowledge and skills required to work in High Definition and, in the competitive world of Film and Television, Makeup artists will want to produce work like those below to stand out from the crowd.

Source: Vancouver Film School Makeup Design For Film & Television Program.


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