Tips: What to Look For in an Airbrush Makeup Kit

Everyone has different needs when it comes to makeup. And, when it comes to airbrush makeup kits there is a huge variation in what you get. Price isn’t the only indicator of quality and I’d definitely recommend visiting a salon, Sephora or a friend’s house to get some hands-on experience with airbrush makeup before deciding which kit you want. Don’t forget to head on over to our airbrush makeup review section too!

  • Look for one which includes at least 4 shades of foundation. More complete kits also include blush and highlighter.
  • Look for a compressor that has variable PSI. Low PSI is essential for beginners and also for more delicate areas and fine work.
  • Look for a versatile airbrush gun which can be used for fine work as well as covering medium and large areas. Dual action airbrushes are preferable.
  • An airbrush makeup kit MUST come with a cleaning kit!!
  • We also prefer those kits which come with a free travel bag. Not all of them do and it’s not really an essential item but one which should come free with any kit.
  • An instructional DVD. Well – you have this website… but every makeup kit is different and an instructional DVD will give you the confidence to use your airbrush makeup kit like a pro.

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  • Michelle – I’m sure you’ve answered this a million times but I can’t find the answer – I have a dinar personal airbrush and it just stopped working about 6 months into having it – I’m not very impressed so if they don’t send me a replacement, I’m going to look at buying a different brand. I’ve found Dinair temperamental and wouldn’t mind one that is better quality anyway. Problem is – I’ve stocked up on Dinair makeup and love their colors. What other airbrush works well with Dinair makeup?

    • Hi Amber – that’s a pity about Dinair but it does happen with a small percentage of almost all the personal-use airbrush makeup kits. They should replace it but will probably charge you for shipping.
      Your best option if you want a reliable airbrush makeup system is Iwata or Graftobian (Graftobian is mostly Iwata equipment except for their walkaround which is a great compressor). You can find some info on Iwata in my article here. Silver Jet is a great choice for home use.

  • Hi Michelle,
    I am looking at purchasing an airbrush makeup kit. I just had a 4 part “Scuptra” procedure done by my plastic surgeon and I really want to continue on this road of looking young! I want to make sure that I get the best “bag for the buck”. I don’t mind paying extra, for something if it is something that I will use, enjoy & most of all look great! I have read several of the reviews and your comments on going to Sephora or MAC and have them to do my make-up with their products, so I can get the best idea for what the out come will be. So, I am already planning a trip to do this.

    I guess what my main question is, what do you think is the best airbrush makeup kit/system for the every day person. I am not a make up artist and that seems to be where a lot of the focus of airbrush makeup is directed. I will be using it every day when I go to work or out. So, if you could give me some ideas of what would be the ideal product for the every day person. That would be awesome!

    Thanks so much for your time!!

    • Hello Sally – congratulations! The trip to Sephora to have your makeup done is a fantastic idea and will really help you make a decision. Iwata is definitely the brand for you–especially because you are very serious about airbrushing your makeup every day. You want something reliable and that can work with many different brands of makeup. I’ve written a few articles on Iwata so check them out if it helps.
      You might also want to look at Temptu Pro. Their makeup is fantastic and they have water-based, silicone-based and also alcohol-based. Also, two very good compressors (one has a battery pack and is portable).

      The smaller airbrush makeup systems (like Dinair, Belloccio, Tickled Pink etc) are also good but you are pretty much restricted with the types/brands of makeup you can use in them.

      Hope this helps!! Welcome to the world of airbrushing makeup!! 🙂

  • Hello Michelle. I speak of Brazil. I loved your site, very complete. here in Brazil, the makeup artists not adhered to this technique. I am one of the few that uses the airbrush. use the foundations of Kryolan q are perfect. pigments for use of shadow Temptu S / B, which are not fixed very well … just “splitting”. Kryolan has pigments for eyes, but can not find here in Brazil. you know tell me why the pigments of Temptu not give a finish as good? you have used the makeup of Kryolan for airbrushing? congratulations for the site !!!

    • Hello Christian – thank you for visiting from Brazil! It’s very exciting that you are using airbrush makeup in Brazil! Kryolan makes really good makeup and they are very popular with FX makeup artists. Are you using the alcohol-based Kryolan makeup? Temptu also has an alcohol-based airbrush makeup but you don’t want to use alcohol-based all the time – except during Carnival! With Temptu’s silicone-based makeup you can get really amazing results but you don’t want to use too much – then it starts to crack and doesn’t look as good. Keep it minimal with water-based and silicone-based makeup if you are going for a natural effect. If you want a strong impact with your makeup, then the alchol-based is better and more long lasting. 🙂