Video: What is Airbrush Makeup? Before and After Airbrush Makeup.

Here’s a video by Ganga Bhambra Makeup that I really enjoy because it’s a clear and honest introduction to the world of airbrush makeup. For anyone asking “What is airbrush makeup?” this should help answer your question.

Ganga is an extremely well qualified makeup artist as you can see; and her video demonstrates the transition after airbrushing. The result is a flawless and even skin tone which she has matched perfectly in her model. You should check out her website to see more stunning work.

Have a look at the video–especially the ‘before and after’ image at the end–and you should get some inspiration to start airbrushing! For those already addicted to airbrush makeup you might pick up a few tips as it can’t hurt to watch professional airbrush makeup artists in action.

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