What?! You Want Me to Shoot You in the Face With A Makeup Gun?!

Remember that hilarious invention by Homer Simpson where he combined a shotgun with a few shades of makeup to create the makeup gun?

“It’s for the woman who only has four-fifths of a second to get ready!”

Hilarious! But kind of based on reality… well, lucky for us the Airbrush Makeup gun is gentle and feels more like a faint gust of cool air than a shot of pellet to the face. Most airbrush compressors won’t go higher than 35 PSI and many have a maximum of just 15PSI. For airbrushing your makeup there really isn’t much need to go higher since you want control over quantity. Airbrushing is all about subtlety. If we want more coverage we simply spray more passes and this gradually builds layers of makeup for minute changes.

The beauty of airbrushing is that it is so versatile. It is simply not true that ‘airbrush makeup makes you look like a clown’. Sure, if you want to look like a clown you could easily create this look with airbrush makeup. That’s why so many people use airbrushing for costume design! But you can also create very natural looks which enhance your already beautiful face. Most airbrush makeup is hypoallergenic and will not harm the skin. Airbrushed makeup sits on top of the skin. You never rub or brush it in and your fingers never have to touch your face.

By investing in an airbrush makeup system you are opening yourself up to a new world of makeup artistry. The versatility of a good airbrush machine with some great makeup is unparalleled–it can be used for basic foundation and blush, covering scars, acne or birthmarks, creating a temporary tattoo, tanning, costume makeup, stunning designs for fashion… the list is as boundless as your creativity! Most airbrush makeup artists use a combination of airbrush makeup and traditional makeup. There are different schools of thought on the best techniques for airbrushing but you’ll find the only way to learn is by doing it. And, lucky for us, that’s great fun. Practice on yourself, practice on your friends, practice on your uncle! It doesn’t matter as long as you always enjoy it!

For those of you looking for inspiration, head on over and browse some of the products we love or maybe watch a video or two on airbrushing makeup. The website gets updated every day with the best things related to airbrush makeup so be sure to visit often–we’d love to have you back!

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